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Indian Tourist / Visit Visa Application

3 - 4 Day Standard Processing Time

Supporting Documentation Requirements

  • Completed/signed Indian visa application form
  • Signed/dated Declaration Form VFS Declaration Form
  • 2 photographs in accordance with application form indstruction
  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity remaining
  • Travel Insurance (advisable)
  • Minors travelling with or without parents require written signed letters of authorisation for the issuance of the visa from both parents and both parents passports (or certified copies) + copy of birth certificate
  • Letter of undertaking from employer stating that no work related activities will be performed whilst in India if applicant is travlling as a tourist but has indicated one of the follwing occupations:
    • Media related: Writer; Photographer; Film Director; Sound/film Engineer;
    • Religious Ministers
    • Charity worker
    • Air crew member
    • Solicitor/Lawyer NEW 2010
    • Social Worker NEW 2010
    • Dancers/Performers NEW 2010
    • Armed Forces & Police NEW 2010
  • The above occupations may prolong the embassy's standard visa processing time
  • Additional Declaration form required for the above Undertaking

Please click here for details of additional documents required from persons not holding a UK passport or holding dual nationalities and originating from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China.

Just 3 Simple Steps to book your Indian visa
  1. Simply select the India visa type and duration that you require from the table below, then click the 'Send Visa Booking Request' button.
    • A short online Indian Visa Booking Contact form will open.
  2. Fill in your contact details, India travel date and any questions that you might have for us - then click 'Send'
    • We will reply to your booking enquiry via an email with the appropriate India visa application forms attached, a listing of the documents required, answers to your questions and breakdown of the costs.
  3. Post, Courier or hand deliver your application(s) to our central London office - sit back and wait for a few days.
    • We will email you:
      • Notification of having received your documents
      • Notification of your visa application having been filed
      • Notification of the success of your India visa application


Visa Fees Chart (Passports other than Sri Lankan, Japanese and Pakistani)

Select Type of visa Validity Fees GBP (£)
Tourist Visa Up to six months 30
1 Yr Visas No longer issued.
5 Year Visas only issued to applicants of Indian descent
One year (maximum stay of 180 days per visit) N/A
More than 1 year tourist visa valid for a maximum stay of 180 days per visit 90
Entry Visa
Use: Unpaid Charity work or for family members accompanying work permit holders
Up to six months 55
More than 1 year visa valid for a maximum stay of 180 days per visit - Single entry visa type 135
Student Visa Up to five years 55

Transit Visa
Proof of onward journey/full itinerary required

Maximum 15 days stay with 3 months validity 8
Journalist Visa Valid for a maximum stay of three months; Single entry 55
Conference Visa Valid for maximum of three months; Single entry 55
Transfer Transfer of long-term visa from expired passport to new passport (from respective High Commission/Consulate in U.K.) 4
Medical Visa(MV) Up to six  months, single/double entry 55
  Up to one year, double/triple entry 80
Medical Escort Visa(MX) Up to six  months, single/double entry 55
  Up to one year, double/triple entry 80
Fee for restricted/protected area permit 20


- Indian Embassy processing fees per passport as above
- VFSGlobal handling fee + charges total £9.05 per passport
- Visa India handling fee for tourist Visa from £40

Select number of visa applications to be filed:

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Re-entry RESTRICTIONS imposed on Multiple Entry Indian Tourist Visas

Travellers must wait TWO MONTHS to re-enter the country

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